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Fabien, passionate about nature and wildlife, has spent most of his life among the mountains and forests of Vosges, a breathtaking rural region in the north-east of France (Lorraine). These valleys are home to two magnificent and equally ever-so elusive animals: the Western Capercaillie and the Lynx.

After several years far away from his land, first in Italy then in Mauritius, he is back in Vosges, and it's especially among his native enchanted landscapes that Fabien loves to go back to hike, trying to capture in his enthralling photography the ethereal mists, the ancient woodlands, the mossy stones, the mysterious ponds - and all the creatures that silently dwell there.

His life is a mix of dichotomies: he loves classical music and black metal, the modern world of information technology and the sublime simplicity of a life lived in the woods... One thing remains constant though, his fervent love for nature, animals, the wilderness.

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